This morning Christopher and I had (yet another) talk about why Stitch can’t come back home.  The morning started out with him bringing his Christmas countdown app to me and showing me “there are only 17 more sleeps til Stitchy comes home.”  So, today I tried a different approach.

Today we talked about when I was his age my Christmas wish was for a baby grand piano.  I really wanted one.  I explained I had a piano but it was old and didn’t have the sound new pianos had.   I was sure it would motivate me to practice more and make my piano playing skills would improve.  (LOL)  I then explained that  the reality of the situation was, My parents couldn’t afford an expensive piano and there was no room in our home of one.  I knew this in my head and heart but I really wanted one.  

Then we talked about him wanting Stitch back and how while I understand he misses Stitch, it is just not going to happen.  I once again told him that Stitch needs a place where he can run and bark and be able to have space of his own.  A place he can lay down and not have to move every time someone needs to go from point A to point B.  I told him I understand really wanting something so badly but he might feel better if we pray and ask God to help him be happy for Stitch and the young lady that is training with him and also to be thankful for the things he can do now and not have to worry about Stitch.  He seemed a bit happier thinking that maybe we can go on vacation again (someday…) and we can go to church and not worry Stitch is sad at home or eating out of the pantry.  He also liked the idea that Elvis (his stuffed dog) while big is not a bed hog and lets him lay on him to read just like Stitch used to. 

This was not an easy conversation.  It’s hard to make any child really understand why we have to say no sometimes.  it’s especially hard when the 16 year old is 5-6 in some ways and just really thinks his dog will magically appear and all the problems will be solved that caused us to send him back in the first place.

To end on a positive note with Christopher I suggested that we say a prayer and thank God for all the gifts we already have.  His list went like this.

He is thankful for:

Amanda and her family.  They are extended family to him and he loves going to church with Amanda.  He is praying he can get the rest of the family to go sometime. 🙂

Our church.  He loves all the missionaries and the people that care about us.  His daily prayer list gets longer and longer as he meets new people.

His family.  He list everyone, (Burrows, Ippolitos, Stockwells)  including Dan and Kimberly as family.  He knows God gave him a family that loves him and will do everything we can to keep him safe and happy. 

He loves his Scriptures and all the books that teach him about God, trains, airplanes, helicopters and ships.

He loves all the ways he can watch movies and listen to music he likes.

He had a long list but think after a few minutes he started to feel a little better as he realized all these things are gifts from God. 

My prayer this Christmas is that we will all be mindful of the things we have and be thankful even if we don’t get the unrealistic gifts we have on our list.  While it’s true God wants us to be happy, He wants us to find REAL happiness and peace in HIM and not the things this world has to offer.